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Website quality and performance are crucial for ranking in Google, Bing, and all the other search engines.
Quickly find broken links, 404 and 500 pages, hosting downtimes, and numerous other issues.

A health check-up for your website.

Be it a performance-related issue, or poor SEO - we'll find it.

See affected pages.

Our tool scans each and every page. We've got you covered!

Never miss a beat.

Bad hosting kills ranking. Monitor your website's uptime continuously.

Track the progress.

See the evolution of your website's health over time.


Fully automatic cloud service that scans and checks your websites

No need to download any software or keep your PC or Mac working

Register, add your websites, and see the magic happening!

50+ on-page attributes checked on every page

Monitor your website availability (aka "ping") and get notified when it's down

Export data to CSV, track changes history

Scan Thousands of Pages

Forget about manual work - our crawlers will do everything for you.

Charts and Graphs

Because it's cool when it looks good.

High Performance

Cloud crawling is faster, and you don't have to keep your PC or Mac on.

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